Delta Upsilon Foundation


Leadership Institute (LI)

Leadership Institute (LI)

Project Goals

$2,233.36 to achieve before June 30, 2017

Leadership Institute (LI)


Reaching this annual funding goal will increase the grant-funding to the Leadership Institute, and will allow greater flexibility in funding guest speakers, program materials and costs associated with additional seminars, service projects, etc.



Delta Upsilon is one of the few fraternities in North America to hold its convention annually.  Each summer, the DU Convention and Assembly meet during the same weekend at the DU Leadership Institute.  In addition to exercising the Fraternity's bi-cameral legislative process, which is also unique among fraternities, the event includes undergraduate and volunteer educational programming and an awards ceremony to celebrate and recognize our members and chapters. 

The Leadership Institute is one of the finest fraternity conferences of its kind and  has a positive impact on 400-500 DU brothers each year.



When a small group of DU alumni brothers formed the Foundation's first Board of Trustees in the autumn of 1949, they saw an opportunity to assist the Fraternity by providing scholarships to individual ungraduate brothers.  At the time, the leadership education component of Delta Upsilon's annual Convention had just been introduced.

Through the 1950's, however, undergraduates were increasingly interested in the leadership training segments of the Convention.  As a result, the "Leadership Conference" was expanded and took on increasing importance and visibility among brothers who attended the summer gathering.

The conference became known as the "Leadership Institute" and includes seminars for personal and chapter development for attendees, specialized leadership tracks for chapter officers, interactive sessions that tie into Delta Upsilon's Four Founding Principles, a community service project and a DU Model Initiation.

In addition to holding the annual Undergraduate Convention and Alumni Assembly, the business portion of the weekend, attendees are afforded the opportunity to mingle and fellowship with brothers from all over North America, and share ideas about how to build success within their chapters, while also buildling some valuable and brotherly relationships.


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