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Leadership Consultant Program

Leadership Consultant Program

Project Goals

$1,071.53 to achieve

Leadership Consultant Program


Reaching this funding goal will allow the Foundation to support the Fraternity's commitment to our traveling consultants.  The ultimate goal would be to raise more then $2.5M to permanently endow four Leadership Consultant positions for the Fraternity, to ensure the continued service, education and training of our chapters and our undergraduate members.



The Leadership Consultant Program, which provides an on-campus resource for chapters and brothers to improve operation and effectiveness. The Educational Foundation provides an annual grant to help defray the cost of educational workshops, seminars and retreats, administered by the Fraternity's traveling consultants. Included in this area is the Summer Internship Program, which gives a hands-on educational and working experience to those interested in a future working for the Fraternity. Each year, Delta Upsilon hires recent DU graduates to work for the Fraternity and take on a challenge of which only a handful of men have ever been a part.  These few and proud become.....Delta Upsilon Leadership Consultants.

DU Leadership Consultants are Delta Upsilon's first line of support, resources, and interaction with all of Delta Upsilon's chapters across North America.  DU consultants are trained to interact with every level of Fraternity membership, react and respond to Fraternity crises, develop leadership and rapport in our chapters, educate our members and ultimately help Delta Upsilon chapters to be as successful in their mission as possible.  Our consultants visit our chapters across North America, traveling to 35 states, 2 countries, and countless experiences that last a lifetime.  Lifelong friendships are developed, and more importantly, you will make contacts with graduate schools, alumni in your field of study, and gain work experience unparalleled in an entry-level position.

A donor's gift to the Leadership Consultant program goes a long way in the service of our chapters and also plays a significant role in helping us return dormant chapters to their active status on the Fraternity's chapter roll.  Many donors whose chapters are now dormant think that because their chapter's are closed then their annual gifts are not needed.  That cannot be further from the truth!  Continued and consistent giving even by alumni whose chapter is dormant will make it easier for the Fraternity to initiate a return of a dormant chapter.  A chapter's status aside, a DU alumnus' right and responsibility is to give.