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Raymond Ranellucci Emerging Leader Scholarship

Raymond Ranellucci Emerging Leader Scholarship

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Raymond Ranellucci Emerging Leader Scholarship

Ray passed away in June 2011.  We had a nice tribute to him at Foxwoods later that year.  Since then, we've been thinking of ways to honor Ray for eternity.  A perpetual scholarship in his name as part of our comeback, for a young Syracuse DU guy like Ray back in the day, feels right.  As you know, being part of the DU return would've been right up Ray's alley, giving a boost to a cub Brother was what he was all about.

When you formally remember a guy who's passed, it means that you've carried something about him with you, that he has left some mark of who he was on who you are.  

Everyone has enthusiasm.  Some for 30 seconds, others 30 minutes, fewer for 30 days - but it's the guy who has enthusiasm for 30 years - that's the guy who makes a real difference in others for life.  That was Ray - enthusiasm for 30+ years.  There wasn't a guy better at stirring up the Brotherhood pot in a good way.  His enthusiasm was contagious. 

When Ray was Social Chairman in Spring 1987, we had more sorority weekday wake-ups with the likes of DG, Kappa and Tri Delt than any other semester, and all were packed as Ray sold each like a Saturday night open party.  Everything came alive in his company; he cast positive energy about him so that to be with him was to feel on the move.  Of course, you're only like this if you care about each and every guy in the House.

In Ray's honor, the Raymond Ranellucci Emerging Leader Scholarship has been established.  First and foremost, Ray's scholarship funds in perpetuity the participation of a newly initiated Brother, who we believe has the greatest potential to make the biggest impact on the House, in the prestigious Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Experience.  This annual, week-long event held at Williams College, DU's founding location, coaches a promising young guy how to make a difference in the House through developing his leadership skills and confidence in his talents.  Read more about the Experience here:

To permanently endow Ray's scholarship, we're asking Brothers to join together to reach a total contribution of $25,000. 

Donations in excess of the project goal will go towards the Syracuse Chapter Legacy Plan, forever funding the Brotherhood's participation in other DU educational programs, including the Regional Leadership Academy, Global Service Initiative and Leadership Institute.

Ray's scholarship is part of the overall "Return DU to SU Campaign," so, if you give to his scholarship, you're in for donating to the Chapter's comeback, you've just earmarked your gift to a scholarship honoring Ray.

Your contribution will help in the education and personal development of a SU student and DU Brother each year - as such, any amount you give is tax deductible.