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Cornerstone Revision Project

Cornerstone Revision Project

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Cornerstone Revision

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Since 1916, members of Delta Upsilon Fraternity have enjoyed the benefit of a standard manual published by the Fraternity, in order to assist members and associate members in their college experience and to learn about the principles, history and values of Delta Upsilon.  
In 1987, after many years of revisions, a committee was formed to pursue further development of a member manual that would more carfully consider the growing needs of young men entering pledgeship and membership in Delta Upsilon - not only their needs to learn about and understand their new Fraternity, but also to feel confident in their abilities to successfully complete their undergraduate studies.
The final result was a new name and a new identity to the Fraternity's member manual.  The 24th edition of the manual was rebranded as The Cornerstone.
After nearly another 20 years of revisions, The Cornerstone was again given a face-lift and a new, fresh look.  The results of the 2010 revisions were a return to hard cover, color photos, new and updated information and a change in the book's size.
Thanks to funding by generous DU brothers, the Fraternity once again has a member manual of which it can be extremely proud by setting the standard for Fraternity member manuals.