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Scholarship Information

The DUEF was orginally founded in 1949 to be a mechanism for providing scholarship assistance to its members for the furtherance of their education.  The first scholarships were awarded in 1950, with six scholarships of $500 each being awarded. This scholarship process continued through 1964.

In 1965, the Foundation made a decision and elected to begin making grants to the Fraternity to support the Leadership Institute and other educational initiatives in order to reach a broader audience and affect the lives of a greater number of members.

After a joint decision by the Fraternity and Foundation in 2000, with the advent of the McQuaid Scholarships, the Foundation was once again in the "scholarship business" while still maintaining the annual grant support to the Fraternity.

Since the first three McQuaid Scholarships were awarded in 2001, the Foundation has increased the number of scholarships in addition to the Oak Circle Scholarship Fund, which debuted in 2003.

Adding to the scholarship portfolio is at the forefront of the minds of the DUEF leadership, in addition to the continued support of the Fraternity's educational initiatives.

Stay tuned for upcoming news on additional merit-based scholarships as well as information on the growing list of chapter leadership scholarships.

For those interested in establishing an endowed scholarship of their own through the DUEF, please contact Justin Kirk, Boise State '00, DUEF Executive Director.

Current list of DUEF Scholarships

McQuaid Scholarships
# of Awards                  Amount                    Applications Due          
        10*                           $1,000                  May 1st of each year

*Will be distributed as a combination of  undergraduate and graduate scholarships

Oak Circle Scholarships
# of Awards                Amount                   Applications Due            
         12*                      Registration            March 15th of each year

*The Oak Circle Scholarship covers the cost of the individual registrant's registration to UIFI.

Global Service Initiative Scholarships
# of Awards                Amount                   Applications Due             
         3*                     Registration           November 1st and February 15th of each year

*The GSI Scholarship covers the cost of the individual registrant's registration to GSI. 

Chapter Leadership Institute Scholarships
Click here for more information on Chapter Leadership Institute scholarships.