Delta Upsilon Foundation


Board of Trustees

The DU Educational Foundation is led by a respected and passionate group of business and industry leaders from all facets that make up the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is supported by a talented and able-bodied staff who works on a daily basis for the betterment of the Foundation.

As per the Foundation By-Laws, the Board of Trustees is made up of individuals numbering no less than 12 and no more than 25. Currently, the Board numbers seventeen members, with the chairs being occupied by leaders in the areas of business, finance, medicine and education. All of them members of Delta Upsilon, and all of them respectful of the privilege to serve in this way.

Stephen K. Rowley, Ohio '65  Chairman 
In business, Brother Rowley recently served as President of The Paragon, a catalog sales company, overseeing their sale to Blue Sky Brands, Inc. in 2005.  In the past, he has served as the Executive Vice President and Manager of Merchandising for MBNA Bank, and as President of Day-timers Inc. Brother Rowley has served as both a Trustee and Treasurer of the Foundation before beginning his service as Chairman in 1997.  He is currently in his fourth term as the Chairman. Brother Rowley is a 2007 recipient of the DU Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given by the Fraternity.

Craig J. Franz, FSC, Ph.D, Bucknell '75 Vice-Chairman Brother Franz has served as President of Saint Mary's College of Minnesota and as President of St. Mary's College of California. Currently, Brother Franz is the President of La Salle International. Brother Franz served on the International Fraternity's Board of Directors in 1988-91, during which he held the positions of Secretary and Chairman. Fluent in Spanish, Craig has conducted oceanographic research in Venezuela and was a Fulbright Scholar there in 1994. Brother Franz is the only DU to awarded both the DU Founders Medal and the DU Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given by the Fraternity. 

P. David Franzetta, Michigan State '70Treasurer Brother Franzetta is a DU graduate of Michigan State University, and earned a graduate degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  He served as an accounting and financial executive with Prudential Financial until his retirement in 2004. Since then he has been running and serving as principal consultant for  Interchange Associates, Inc., a specialized executive consulting firm that he founded.  He is active on a number of other boards, and brings a wealth of financial experience to the DUEF board.

Lewis D. Gregory, Kansas '75  Secretary     
Brother Gregory has an extensive resume in trust and banking.  As an undergraduate, he was president and rush chairman.  He is a former DU leadership consultant, Province Governor and past member of the Fraternity's Board of Directors.  Currently he serves as a Trustee of the Kansas University Endowment Association.  He has served as President of the KU Alumni House Board for DU and is currently President of the DU KU Educational Foundation. Brother Gregory is a 2008 recipient of the DU Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given by the Fraternity.


William C. Rappolt, Lafayette '67  Vice-President - Investments
Brother Rappolt is the Executive Vice-President of First Empire State Corporation and brings a wealth of knowledge to the DUEF Board. Brother Rappolt joined the DUEF Board of Trustees in 2004 as a retired Executive VP and Treasurer of M&T Bank in Buffalo, NY.  He currently serves as a Trustee for Lafayette College and was Chairman of the Finance Committee involved with the college's endowment portfolio.  He has also worked on a number of special assignments with the Federal Reserve Bank.

Roy F. Allan, Lehigh '68   Trustee A long-time and loyal supporter of the DUEF, Roy has been a member of the DUEF Scholarship Selection Committee for the last few years.  He and his wife Jane live in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is employed by Merrill Lynch in their downtown office.  His wife Jane presently serves as President of the Sigma Kappa Foundation Board.  Brother Allan joined the Board in the winter of 2005.

Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58 Trustee A 30-year veteran of the Bank One Corporation, Brother Bailey retired as the President for Bank One West Virginia. He was the first person ever to serve simultaneously as President and Chairman of the Board of the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.Brother Bailey is a 2004 recipient of the DU Distinguished Alumni Award.  Brother Bailey has served the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation for over 30 years, continuously serving since 1964.

David L. Cole , Wilmington '72 Trustee
Brother Cole has over 35 years of experience in insurance and global business, most recently serving as Chairman and CEO of the AON Warranty Group in Chicago, IL, until his recent retirement. Brother Cole began serving the Delta U Foundation in 2006 and brings a wealth of business knowledge to the DUEF Board. 

Robert A. Dahlsgaard "Bob, Bradley '63  Trustee Brother Dahlsgaard worked for Texaco Inc. for 36 years, primarily in lubricant marketing and manufacturing, both domestically and internationally. He served as Vice President of the Texaco Lubricants Company when it was formed in 1999 and ended his career internationally as the General Director of Uz-Texaco. He has been involved with DU since the beginning, serving as Chapter Rush Chairman and President, then later serving as a member on the DUIF Board of Directors.

John A. Delaney, Florida '77  Trustee A former member of the Fraternity's Board of Directors, John completed his second and final term as mayor of Jacksonville, Florida, the country's largest city (geographically), in June 2003.  An attorney by trade, Brother Delaney served as city attorney for Jacksonville, Florida before being elected mayor.  Florida Governor Jeb Bush selected him as a finalist for Florida Lieutenant Governor right before John was named as the fifth President of the University of North Florida in May 2003. Brother Delaney is a 2010 recipient of the DU Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given by the Fraternity.

Charles E. Downton III "Chuck", North Carolina '66 TrusteeBrother Downton has been extensively involved in Delta Upsilon; first being a Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Board Member from 2003 to 2012, and more recently joining the DUEF Board of Trustees. Brother Downton brings many years of experience to the Board, having held a executive position at Proctor & Gamble before retiring. 

John R. Eplee, MD, Kansas State '75   Trustee 
Brother Eplee is an MD in family practice in Atchison, Kansas. He has remained active with the local chapter in Manhattan, having served as undergraduate president, alumni chapter president, and played a visible role with their fundraising efforts in the 1990's. John is active with the Boy Scouts and several other community service groups. He joined the DUEF Board in 2007.

Knuepfer 3.png
David R. Knuepfer, Iowa '76  Trustee Brother Knuepfer has been a dedicated DU since the beginning, serving as the Iowa Chapter president two years in a row from 1974 until his graduation in 1976. He currently serves s the president and CEO of DuPage Machine Products, a precision turned parts manufacturer in the Chicago area. Brother Knuepfer is a long time donor to the DUEF and is heavily involved in his community, serving on multiple civic, corporate, charitable and foundation boards. He currently serves as the chairman of the Precision Machined Products Association Education Foundation Board. 

John S. McConnell, DePauw '66  Trustee Brother McConnell has over 30 years of experience in institutional advancement and consulting, is a managing associate with Bentz Whiley Flessner, and has held senior development positions at DePauw University,Purdue University, University of Alberta and University of Denver. He received his Bachelor's degree in mathematics and economics from DePauw University, a Master's degree in economics and a certificate in Russian and East European studies from the University of Michigan. Brother McConnell has long been a supporter of Delta Upsilon, and served on the Board of Directors from 1987-1989. 

Coady H. Pruett, Cal Poly '02  Trustee Brother Pruett practices as an attorney, with a focus on commercial, construction and intellectual property litigation at Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather. A 2002 graduate of California Polytechnic State University, he started a career as a Civil Engineer before attending and graduating from law school at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.  While an undergraduate, he served an unprecedented two terms on the Fraternity's Board of Directors. He is a 2002 recipient of the DU President's Award for Undergraduate of the Year as well as a recipient of the McQuaid Scholarship.

Richard B. Thompson, Michigan State '67 Trustee
Brother Thompson has thirty years of experience in the fixed income securities business, having worked for companies such as Chemical Bank, Marine Midland Bank and Bankers Trust Company. He retired in 2000, after 16 and a half years at American International Group, holding the position of Managing Director of U.S. Fixed Income. In his retirement, Brother Thompson enjoys volunteering, boating and golfing. A longtime supporter of Delta Upsilon, he joined the DUEF Board in 1996 through 2008, and rejoined in 2012. 

Dr. John T. Weisel, Oregon '48   TrusteeDr. Weisel is a retired ophthalmologist in Medford, Oregon, and founder of the Medical Eye Center, serving southern Oregon and Northern California. The practice is primarily involved in cataract-lens implant surgery. He has lectured on cataract surgery in Southeast Asia, South Africa, and Australia. Dr. Weisel also served on the Fraternity's Board of Directors from 1991-95.  He joined the Foundation Board in 1999.  He is a 2009 recipient of the DU Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest honor given by the Fraternity.