Delta Upsilon Foundation


Mission & Vision

Our Mission
The Foundation exists to help change the lives of our undergraduate brothers by:
  • Maximizing the funds available for the International Fraternity's unique personal development and leadership education programs.
  • Providing for the long-term financial stability of the Brotherhood.
  • Promoting lifetime involvement and communication among all DU brothers.

Our Vision 
The Foundation will provide the financial resources needed to develop and operate the DU NETWORK.
  • The DU NETWORK will build relationships between undergraduates and alumni to foster a sense of lifelong brotherhood in Delta Upsilon. It will employ a variety of media, including the Internet, to connect alumni with undergraduates--and all brothers with the resources of the International Fraternity Headquarters.
  • The Foundation will stimulate innovation, providing funding for unique team and individual-based educational initiatives, which focus on leadership and personal development. The DU NETWORK will advance these initiatives as alumni advisors, mentors and other network resources will be readily accessible to our undergraduates.
  • The most important effect of the DU NETWORK, will be greater involvement by successful alumni in the lives of our undergraduates and the affairs of our brotherhood. We will create a way for alumni to truly impact the growth and development of future leaders. With a meaningful way to participate in DU after graduation, alumni will invest increasing amounts of financial and non-financial resources to benefit our brotherhood--involvement will lead to investment.