When a small group of alumni brothers formed the Foundation's first Board of Trustees in the late autumn of 1949, they saw an opportunity to assist the Fraternity by providing scholarships to individual brothers. At the time, the leadership education component of Delta Upsilon's annual "Convention" had just been introduced. Through the 1950's, however, undergraduates were increasingly interested in the leadership training segments of the Convention.

As a result, the "Leadership Conference" was expanded and took on increasing importance and visibility among brothers who attended the summer gathering. By the mid-1960's, the Board of Trustees realized that the Foundation could impact a greater number of brothers if more resources were channeled to the Leadership Conference. Thus, the Foundation started to redirect its grants, providing the majority of its resources to the International Fraternity, which was (and is) responsible for creating the educational programs and services for the brotherhood.

Over the past decade especially, the appetite for leadership support and education has only increased among our student-brothers. Beyond the annual Leadership Conference (now known as the Leadership Institute), the Foundation currently supports a variety of additional programs - described on the following pages - that reach our brothers with a level of instruction and breadth of peer interaction that is unavailable to them on campus.

The Foundation's greatest challenge for the future is to expand its endowment and base of resources to meet the educational needs that our colleges and universities cannot. Tax-deductible contributions, gifts and bequests from alumni and friends of DU will determine the extent to which the Foundation can continue to change the lives of tomorrow's leaders.