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Lifetime Donor Wall




The purpose of the Lifetime Giving Clubs is to increase the recognition and involvement of our most dedicated alumni and friends whose lifetime giving to the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation includes 12 distinctive giving milestones. Members of the Lifetime Giving Clubs are the philanthropic leaders of the Fraternity whose gifts have made a tremendous impact on the organization, our students and our cause.

benefits of Membership

Lifetime Giving Club members will be recognized annually in the DU Quarterly magazine and on the Educational Foundation website. Occasional feature articles about Lifetime Giving Club members will be developed for the magazine. Lifetime Giving Club members will be invited to special donor recognition events, such as the DUEF Recognition Reception at the annual Leadership Institute and Convention, as well as other events that may be developed specifically for Lifetime Giving Club members. Lifetime giving members who have given more than $10,000 will also be featured on a plaque that is permanently displayed at the Delta Upsilon International Headquarters.

Qualifications for Membership

A lifetime giving history of $1,000-$1 million+ will be recognized through the following progressive Lifetime Giving Clubs. Brothers and friends at each level have prioritized Delta Upsilon in their charitable giving plans and have made a significant impact on men's development in higher education and beyond. 

In addition to the donors that it honors, the wall also stands as a tribute to one brother, whose efforts led to the founding of the DU Educational Foundation in 1949. Brother Hugh E. Nesbitt, Ohio State '14, organized the formation of the DUEF, and offered the seed money to get the organization started. He also served as the first Chairman of the DUEF. Brother Nesbitt earlier had served as President of the Fraternity. The centerpiece of the wall features a likeness of Brother Nesbitt, along with Brother Nesbitt's appropriate quote, befitting the tone of the wall:
"I believe that the more we give, the more convinced we become of the satisfaction and happiness that may be secured by being a loyal booster of Delta Upsilon."

Lifetime Donor Honorees

Please click on the PDF to search for your name. Each list is organized, alphabetically, by last name.

Lists as of June 30, 2014

Dikaia Upotheke Circle   $1 million+
James A. Garfield Circle        $ 500,000+
Charles Evan Hughes Circle  $ 250,000+
Williams Circle  $ 100,000+
Chairmans Circle   $   75,000+ 
Trustees Circle  $   50,000+
Hugh Nesbitt Circle  $   25,000+
Circle of Justice  $   10,000+
Circle of Culture  $     7,500+
Circle of Character  $     5,000+
Circle of Friendship  $     2,500+
Circle of Loyal Brothers  $     1,000+