Delta Upsilon Foundation


Lester Cox Benefactors

The Lester Cox Benefactors recognizes the generosity of Delta Upsilon Fraternity members and friends who have given bequests to the Fraternity to advance its purposes and activities.  The first member of the benefactors is Lester E. Cox, Pennsylvania 1898, who gave the bequest that made possible the construction of this International Fraternity Headquarters in 1971.


The DUEF is grateful to the following brothers whose Legacy gifts have been fulfilled, making them an honored DU Benefactor.  Their names are memorialized on a permanent plaque in the DUEF Recognition Hall at the Fraternity Headquarters Building in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Names as of September 24, 2012

Dale H. Anderson, Iowa '49
Bertel W. Antell, Cornell '28
Curtiss L. Beebe, Washington '35
James L. Brown, Indiana '43
Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61
Harold S. Childs, Iowa '33
William L. Clymer, Ohio State '35
Lester E. Cox, Pennsylvania 1898
Paul H. Davis, Chicago '35
Otto M. Eidlitz, Cornell 1881
Edwin L. English, Ohio State '22
Roy J. Fehlandt, Georgia Tech '80
Steven J. Frawley, Wisconsin '25
Ross K. Fuller, San Jose '49
Lewis T. Gardiner, California '35
Benjamin L. Harper, Indiana '54
Gene C. Harrison, Kent State '50
W. Kenneth Hovey, Rochester '36
Charles F. Jennings, Marietta '31
Carl R. Jochens Jr., Denison '54
O. Kepler Johnson, Kansas '52
William F. Jones, Nebraska '27
Leland C. Keller, Carnegie '26
Robert T. Lewis, Pennsylvania State '40
John D. Luckhardt, San Jose '56
Thomas C. McNeal, Miami '37
J. Wynn Metcalfe, Louisville '72
William Ollerhead, Western Ontario '29
V. Edward Perkins, Brown '35
W. Allen Perry, Iowa State '27
O. Edward Pollock, Virginia '51
Walter W. Planke, Indiana '27
John J. Porter, Marietta '24
John O. Schram, Bradley '50
Winston Scott, Washington '30
Leroy B. Snediker, Marietta '50
Warren J. Taussig, New York '12
John H. Vinyard Jr., Missouri '49
W.D. Watkins, North Carolina '27
George H. Wear, Indiana '17
James M. Wilson, Ohio State '36